Monthly newsletter of Luka Jagor – Issue #18


Monthly newsletter of Luka Jagor – Issue #18

ho ho ho happy holidays

My thoughts are on how to beat the challenge – 300 kilometers of jogging in a month. Endurance. I need to retain my strength and physical activity reflects well on me. I’m finding new motives to keep my artistic spirit pumping 🙂


Roman numerals and Arabic numerals (Western Digits) are good for human visualization and calculation. But I believe we need something more to enhance the computers. I call it »Quantum numerals«, they shouldn’t get confused with Quantum numbers. Quantum numerals are optimized for large-scale big-data calculations, to work as a bridge connecting Quantum computing and Neural computing (A.I.) ????☔

I believe that we should all take positive examples of reporting mobbing or violence, including affairs in royalty people ? ?
As they say: “you know how many whistleblowers are there? – There are more and more of us!”
In Europe, Istanbul Convention Action is good because of radical change against patriarchy that will protect the ones most in jeopardy – women, and children.

What do you prefer❓

  • Double Pass…
  • Double Cross…

Those con artists have a dictionary, maybe even a language of their own.

Decode Culture Initiative Explained

To resist hopelessness we need to work on fusion, not endless rules and regulations.
Decode Culture initiative is so different from stealing because it’s about creating, inspiring, motivating… New, derivative projects need to be deployed regardless of overregulated workflow. In my heart is a constant desire to feed the poor and to help needed. I’m not the only one. The upcoming year will give us a new chance to resolve piled-up evil, so no one should be left behind.

The Best

Long live freedom.






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