Monthly newsletter of Luka Jagor – Issue #9


Monthly newsletter of Luka Jagor – Issue #9

Peace, happiness, joy, harmony – they should be the driving energy for all.

My dictionary description pick: The best achievable or imaginable of its kind.

  1. Mars particle deflector – More on Atmospheric Incubator and Space Elevator
  2. Oxygen & fusion generators – Artificial Intelligence Speeds Up the Artificial Sun Project — AI Software to Find Holy Grail in Fusion Energy
  3. Atmospheric weather controller – Luka Jagor on Twitter: It’s nice to see meteorology acting proactive…
  4. Adding bio-life 

It’s imperative to get proper legal papers for such an ambitious plan, especially with interplanetary “contamination”, the precautionary principle has no role here. We need to be strong and fearless to gain possession of that future construction site, not pussyfooting with general-purpose philosophers.

Long live freedom.






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