Monthly newsletter of Luka Jagor – Issue #10


Monthly newsletter of Luka Jagor – Issue #10

Difficult times are for us to overcome because people have much more to give to the world.

MayDay has a triple meaning: “to signal distress”, May Day is for standing in solidarity with workers around the world, but for me, my favorite meaning is the Mayday music festival.

A hydrangea I’ve planted in my garden will be pink when it blooms ?

It can be heard by psychocrats that there is little difference between saying something and doing the same thing, but I deeply disagree. Although I am not a shrink I believe there are three basic cognitive states: thinking, speaking, and doing; such as the three basic aggregate states of matter: gaseous, liquid, and solid. These three basic cognitive states are separate but intertwined, I honestly think it is better to think about everything, rave, be ready, and not react wrongly to some action at a certain moment. I see myself as an extrovert, but I wouldn’t expose myself too much in the current hostile environment regarding civil rights violations in the pandemic and fossil fuels crisis.

Long live freedom.






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