Monthly newsletter of Luka Jagor – Issue #15


Monthly newsletter of Luka Jagor – Issue #15

I would be thrilled if destiny could save me from the line ‘life isn’t fair’, it just sounds crazy.

My dictionary description pick: Raise or lift.

Protect individual rights, individuality, and creativity, also we need more bandwidth combined with wireless charging. People need to be connected to understand the faulty system, so we can enhance it with advanced ideas. There is no end to humanity, breathtaking views, and exploration of the inner self, but also society. Keywords like ❤️ or ? will circulate forever in the ether.

Voyagers are the fastest man-made objects ever, they are 20 times faster than a bullet, it’s extraordinary they are still operational. Voyager’s role in “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, 1979 is a bit weird, there was a skeptical, paranoid viewpoint of its mission conclusion, and of course, producers made big money.

I’m not a language expert, English isn’t even my first language, but I’m afraid it’s been polluted by the ‘urban dictionary’. I appreciate Bill Cosby very much, not just for his work on television, but also because I like his suggestion as an influencer that people should use fewer slang terms and be accessible more in the mainstream.

Rave On ????

If we should go directly to the aggression source we should be careful because black-body radiation is significant. There are so many galactic sights to cover before sending a probe to a black hole, yet much curiosity arises from such a perspective. New ideas will emerge compatible with new theories, I would definitely like to show my admiration for the latest project of the deceased Stephen Hawking “Constraining the Multiverse” – that’s where should be the focus of popularizing science.


I’m with a band, with broadband hehe.

Long live freedom.






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