Monthly newsletter of Luka Jagor – Issue #16


Monthly newsletter of Luka Jagor – Issue #16

I’m so happy and satisfied, festive to be a part of this global 8 billion-people settlement we call Earth.

Getting ready for climate action, a big gathering setting up in my city Zagreb.

I wonder how the ancient civilizations located around the equator lost lush vegetation, was it only material fatigue, or a whole series of collapses? We should be resilient, and stronger ? than ever to amortize swift changes brought by climate emergency.

My deepest condolences for your loss in catastrophes in India and South Korea last week.
I hope for peace and security, stability so that all the drama is discontinued. A glimpse of the right direction is surely the Ethiopian conflict – truce. Good luck.
Stop the war in Ukraine, and feed the poor.
A climate emergency is a quite enough problem that humanity has to face. Only if we team up we might become victorious, not fight each other and make people sad.

There are more than a dozen countries and territories with no military. Others should open their eyes, wake up and realize they are worthy of admiration.

I’m an artist living in Zagreb, Croatia. I am a fan of technology, design, and writing. Knowledge is power, but art is also important.

I have always loved doing abstract design using computers. At the beginning of the millennium, I experimented a lot with various filters for raster processing, but I gave up productivity because of critics. I was focused more on web design, I designed ? my first website in 2004. But again in 2011 something attractive inspired me for designing, that’s how my “Lovebirds to be” digital art graphics arose. I continued growth gradually by creating digital artwork in 2014, and 2017. I’ve sped up my creativity expression by creating a website completely dedicated to my graphics in 2018. Ever since I’ve published more than a hundred times. I’m trying to be open to new technology ideas, so I’ve created a virtual reality exhibition in 2021 and I plan the same this 2022 year.

We must defeat the subservient mentality that lies dormant in each of us. We are the master of our own destiny, no matter what motion prediction software says, we should take responsibility as well as credit for our actions.

Still, I would like to oppose meritocracy, it’s not fair, especially for those who want a fresh start.

Don’t quite like the precise, confident forecast about stocks, mobility & life success, it’s a big drag that’s it’s killing the vibes.

On the other hand, the weather forecast should be more exact and nicer.

Maybe we should learn something from our leaders, especially to respect deadlines, because they keep to the schedule of conferences, electronic days, and public appearances.
Sustainable Development Goals should be achieved.

Oceanography is very important for environmental issues, it’s peculiar that the sea level hasn’t raised much considering the icebergs meltdown. Could it be possible that it’s losing water particles that are going into the interstellar medium, yes – Earth does lose some of its atmosphere to space.

The crow is always ravenous after the rain when it is cloudy, on the second day. They are very smart, but also intrusive, mischievous, and unhappy. Playful, but I somehow have the feeling that they care for the common good, according to their twisted understanding. They have a knack for good things, definitely.

Can crows really shape the weather or is it just a hunch?

Rituals, runtime, and burn-out syndrome have some effects on the older ones. Rituals are conducted by people, whereas a runtime (stage of the programming lifecycle), or an algorithm, is performed by a machine, usually a computer. It must be said that Earth will be protected, not entrusted to dilettantes. The universe is a place of inevitable destruction, but it does not give you the right to speed up the process and demolish the Earth, our life. Therefore, all those making big bucks on dirty business should stop because it’s completely wrong and awful. Exxon posts record profit, Chevron tops estimates – I mean, where does it all end❓

The world is set to reach 8 billion people ? on 15 November 2022 – be prepared cuz I’m throwing a huge party ? ? ? ❤ ? — PM

Long live freedom.






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